Truffle Parrano

  • Firm, nutty Parmesan style cheese with a liberal amount of truffle oil 10/10

Pecorino Tuscano

  • Need to try again - N/A


  • Mild, buttery, but almost refreshing. Better by the pound 10/10

Swiss Emmentaler

  • Dry, rubbery, very firm. Has little taste but hints at being sweet and nutty. Good for melting 10/10

Caveman Blue

  • Blue cheese BUT aged w/ cheese crystals. Eat within 2 days as the freshness falls off fast 10/10

Truffle Tremor

  • Aged goat cheese blended with truffle oil. Excellent with beef. 10/10

Murray's Honey Goat Gouda

  • imagine eating a honey cheese cake baked by tiny bees in aprons. Has lite, almost topping like crystaling, and juggles a subtle bite of goat cheese with the creamy sweetness of gouda 10/10

Reypener Extra-Aged Gouda

  • Slow ripened for 2 years. Rich, dense, with beautiful orange coloring. Has crystals and tones of caramel and coffee. No man is an island, but this cheese stands alone 10/10


  • Deep orange coloring similar to the edges of unpurified amber. Dense, and much like an aged gouda in consistency. Thick, like biting into a chocolate bar but without melting. A cross between a dessert and a snack for those who like cheese. 10/10

Kerrygold Dubliner w/ Irish Stout

  • This is actually a dessert. Sharp, crumbly but melts in your mouth. The stout hits seconds after the creaminess of the dubliner. A wild transition of flavor, but can be overwhelming. Akin to a triple chocolate cake. Savor it and eat in small increments 10/10


  • Need to try again - N/A