Postmarket OS

Setup on Nexus 6P

Running pmbootstrap init

  • huawei-angler

    Working Window Managers (02/2020)

  • phosh
    • Fails to start, might be an issue with wayland though device guide has wayland support listed
  • hildon
    • showed a orange graphic artifact, duotone colored, screen and crashed when selecting the panel menu button
  • xfce4
    • set scale factor to x2
    • change panel settings to 3/4 max
    • adwaita dark is available in stock
    • set fonts to 14

      Input methods

  • Input Methods Guide
  • matchbox-keyboard (good but doesn't mimic a mobile keyboard)
  • qt5-qtvirtualkeyboard (still haven't setup but it is installed)

    Kernel Configuration

  • Troubleshooting Kernel
  • Kernel Config Guide
  • "If you don't like the terminal user interface, you can also use pmbootstrap kconfig edit -x or pmbootstrap kconfig edit -g. See pmbootstrap kconfig edit -h for details."