Notes on 3D printing

Getting Started Printing - CR-20 Pro

Pain Points
  • Clamp to feed filament was not secured down enough, ended up needing extra tightening on both ends
  • The Z-Offset needs to be touching the board at 0.02. This caused a bit of confusion as tutorials made it sound as though space was needed between a 0.02mm piece of paper and the extruder
  • Filament was tangled while I was attempting to feed it without first having tightened the feed clamp
After Thoughts
  • Bed Leveling Calibation
  • Use Cura for next print instead of animal model from SDCard
  • Use benchy for confirming the printer can handle whatever and is calibrated

Potential DIY Printer Stack

  • Boards
    • Mega Arduino w/ RAMPS
    • RAMBo mini (RepRap Arduino-compatible Mother Board)
  • Firmware
    • Marlin
    • RAMPS (?)

RAMBo boards are based on Arduino, most probably are.