Thoughts On Rotation



  • A better way to multiply link

  • Copying content from a book to a presentation using AR + ML

Digital Minimalism

  • Rending the web directly to a frame buffer link

  • Comparison of the Apollo 11 Guidance System and a USB-C charger

  • Configuration for linux on a vt520

  • Data integrity between ZFS and BTRFS

  • Building a Win 3.2 slack client in 2019

  • Space invaders in C link

  • list of self-service, deployable SaaS replacements

Inclusive Architecture

  • Currently trending architecture documents lists, mostly undigestible unless willing to read at length link
  • Contemplating functional C link

No Code Movement

Open Source BaaS

  • docker containerized deployable BaaS

  • supabase, a direct firebase competitor link

  • parse lol we've come full circle link



  • Pixel art in gimp link

  • Building a custom game hardware PCB and homage to the old Comanche games link

Prepping + Climate

  • The science of tunneling

  • Ordering bulk lettuce seeds

  • Current climate status as worst case scenario is actually being modeled correctly

  • A charity towards solving climate change

  • A UPenn groups plan for sustainability towards 2100 link

  • A redditor who built a huge bunker for a client under the guise of a below ground pool link

  • 'Why the future is really grim' from DarkFuturology, a wonderful compilation


  • Trump continuing to be concerned with previous administrations that seemingly encountered disasters from 2020